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Graduating during a pandemic is... intense, to say the least. While we work on navigating a time where museums are considered "nonessential", we're getting creative in our search to stay involved in the museum world. As recent museum studies graduates, we wanted to create a site that serves as a resource for museum professionals, established and emerging, to discuss with and learn from each other as we enter into a new social and professional era.

The topics discussed here are the same ones we've discussed among ourselves and in classrooms... and it's time they become part of the larger conversation about museums and their functionality. Join us for an awesome ride!



Our mission is to create connections between museums and their communities by leading discussion about (inter)national topics that impact museums' places in the world, especially regarding the societal climate in which museums operate and seek to navigate today. 


We aim to create an inclusive space where we can foster dialogue to help each other create new methodologies that best reflect society, so that museums can become microcosms of the world and yet challenge it to be better.

Meet the Team!

Sarah Goebel


Co-Founder, Co-Editor, Podcast Director


Sarah’s passion is helping small size museums connect with their communities. She recently graduated from the University of Kansas with her M.A. in Museum studies. Her undergraduate work was in journalism and history at Drake University. In Sarah’s spare time she loves reading murder mysteries, baking, and spending time with her Border Collies Scooby and Camey. 

Sarah Hixson


Co-Founder, Co-Editor; Curator; Head of Communications & Marketing


Sarah holds a B.A. in Art History from Susquehanna University and an M.A. in Indigenous Studies from the University of Kansas. She connects Indigenous art and histories, educational programming, and curation together to aid in creating more inclusive examinations of the world and museum spaces. In her spare time, Sarah runs a small art business, enjoys photography, and singing along to Disney movies. She's currently the Fellow for the Samek Art Museum at Bucknell University.

You can read her M.A. work here.



Awesome Collaborator


Kathleen graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor's in Accounting with a minor in Anthropology in 2018. She attended the University of Kansas after, graduating with a Master's in Museum Studies with a focus in community connections and management. Her thesis, "Museums as Distributed, Decentralized, and Transparent: The Possibilities of Crowdsourcing and Blockchain" focused on how museums can adopt the emerging technologies.

Morgan Smith


Awesome Collaborator


Morgan has a B.A. in History & Historic Preservation from Southeast Missouri State University. She graduated from the University of Kansas with her Master's in Museum Studies in 2020. Combining her loves of museums and crime, Morgan's thesis compared collections practices between museums and police evidence rooms. As the registrar for the American Jazz Museum, she is a welcomed member of the team.

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