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5 Instagram Accounts That Will Take You To School

We love the Instagram accounts that are pushing the platform to be more involved in the sociopolitical narrative. The platform’s usability and public reach continue to prove it’s a game-changer in community engagement and social action. In an earlier post, we discussed some favorite accounts that provided stellar content and sought to educate. We loved that post so much that we made created another list of accounts that are so informative, they might just take you back to school.


I started following PushBlack over the summer through Facebook. Every day, they send me a message to give me my daily dose of Black history. If that isn’t something that would prove sustainable for you, follow their Instagram account, their Facebook page, or listen to their podcast! They post daily, if not multiple times a day, educating their followers on specific events, individuals, or explaining context for how we’ve arrived to today socially and politically. Whether you need new material for educational programming or lesson planning, or are working on relearning history, they will provide you with the history lessons you’re looking for.


NDN Collective is a group of Native activists who promote the Land Back and Decolonization movements, as well as the political contexts that surround our present-day. They add informative posts to their feed and discuss them on their podcast. They provide educational content about the history of Thanksgiving, mascots, the necessity of social action, and more. If you don’t know why you need to know about these movements and social actions, visit them for a “Current Events” crash course.


Being the Dot is “a podcast about the triumphs and trials of People of Color working, living, & playing in White Spaces”. Hosted by Dr. Stacy Pearson-Wharton, the Dean of Health and Wellness at Susquehanna University (my undergraduate alma mater), the podcast covers topics ranging from George Floyd and politics, to sports, code-switching, and transitioning to natural hair. Join Dr. Stacy for a wonderfully developed, potentially eye-opening, listening experience that will surely take you back to class.


Rachel Cargle is an academic based out of NYC who promotes unlearning, provides social commentary, and is an advocate of personal space and rest. What first caught my attention was her incredibly informative posts in Instagram, specifically her dissection of a comment section—which is incredible. She calls these posts Saturday School Lessons, where she walks you through a comment on an Instagram or Facebook post. In the image of the comment, she underlines, circles, and sections out parts of it, numbering along the way. Then, she explains each numbered point in her caption. Her posts can be long but are certainly worth reading. She manages another Instagram account, @thegreatunlearn, which is equally informative and educational. Follow both to sign up for this new kind of English course.


The International Indigenous Youth Council, or IIYC, uses “education, spiritual practices, & civic engagement” to focus its content. It is geared toward youth social activism and organization, making it a wonderful source for educators of young people. This account is a space that serves as an intersection for environmental, political, social, and personal advocacy, making it exceptionally educational in the interconnectedness of these spheres with everyday life. Moreover, it is a great way to understand the minds of younger people, especially BIPOC youth.

As always, these are not all of the great accounts that are educating the virtual public. If you are looking for more great content, see who these accounts are following; this is where they get their inspiration and encouragement.

If you have other accounts that you love for their educational content, comment them below.

Sarah Hixson (she/her/hers) is an aspiring curator and educator focusing on DEAI and indigenization work and incorporating activism into museum practices. If you have questions for Sarah, please comment below or send an email to

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