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Follow Bernie's Lead

Recently the news has been flooded with images of Vice-President Kamala Harris and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden looking poised and professional. From their hair to their shoes, their looks say: “Of course I look amazing. Now, get off my clothes; I have important things to say.” Well done ladies. Young museum professionals should aspire to such heights.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden

Vice-President Kamala Harris

However, this week, I was reminded that sometimes you have to pull an inauguration Bernie. Saturday I went to work in a freezing historic house with a triple threat ear, sinus, and chest infection (none of which are contagious). Staying home was not an option. Either I went or the house didn’t open.

Senator Bernie Sanders on inauguration day 2021

As much as I wanted to put on an outfit that was equal parts style and substance, comfort was the name of the game. Following Senator Sander’s lead, I dressed to be appropriate but also warm. Throughout the day I was grateful to myself. No one should have to wear a collared shirt when your head is about to explode. Giving tours is hard enough without suffering through sickness in slacks.

The moral of the story is, you can strive to be Kamala as long as you let yourself be Bernie every now and then. Strive for your best self while remembering to be nice to yourself. Giving yourself a break does not negate the effort you have put in. Sometimes you need to wear a parka and mittens.

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